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Sub project 2: Standards for Quality Assurance in Production

Component failures and production weaknesses in wind turbines are expensive to rectify, especially if discovered after the turbine have been installed. Quality assurance early on and throughout the production process is therefore imperative. An essential prerequisite in order to achieve this is a uniform quality planning processes for the Danish wind industry. 

Twenty companies from the Danish Wind Industry Association’s existing Quality Assurance network (QA-network) have contributed to define the need for an industry specific APQP standard and training. The QA Network is therefore part of the project’s target group, and will be kept informed of, and involved in, the project. The network consists of wind turbine manufacturers and their closest Danish suppliers. 
The aim of the sub project is to increase communication regarding quality throughout the value chain, to create substantial reduction in costs via fewer errors in production and the final component, to increase quality in production and to speed up the process of launching new products. 
APQP: Advanced Product Quality Planning  
The project is inspired by the American tool for quality control “Advanced Product Quality Planning” (APQP), which originally was developed for the American automotive industry. APQP is a recognized and pre-emptive standardization tool that, which is especially useful when working with production processes and quality standards. It can be used to systematically reduce production related failures before components, subsystems and the finished product ever leaves the factory. 
The end product of the sub project is a wind industry version of the APQP quality standard and the commencement of APQP-specific training of production personnel in the use of the new standards in quality assurance.
The goal is in the long run that the APQP standard must be spread across the industry - both nationally and maybe internationally.

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Working group and timeframe
The project spans over three years. A steering group was established during the first 3-6 months of the project, where the exact scope of the project was determined. The following two years of the project will revovle around creating the industry APQP standard and implementing it with the Danish suppliers as well as start to provide training in the standard.

Did you know?

The Danish Industry Foundation has granted the project DKK 5.4 M over 3 years with start up in May 2015.


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