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Sub project 1: Standards for Test and Documentation of Design

Wind turbine manufacturers and suppliers are working closer together than ever, and the suppliers involvement in development, design and test of new wind turbine models is increasing.  In order to develop strong partnerships, it is necessary to develop a common documentation tool that minimizes errors and miscommunications between the companies 

The focus of the project is to develop common industry terms and standardized test and validation methods for three key components or systems in a wind turbine. The three components have been chosen because they hold a large potential for improvement and therefore significant winnings for the Danish companies if they are standardized.

Three working groups
Three working groups has been established. The first group is working on support structures which includes both towers and offshore wind foundations (monopiles). They started in the fall of 2015. In the spring of 2016 the second working group began working with hydraulic pitch systems. The third working group is working on developing common industry terms and specifications for the environments in the turbines (vibrations, temperatures, moistrure, salt etc.). The starting point of the working group is lighting in towers and nacelles. This will work as a pilot project and afterwards the standadization process will be deployed on other systems in the turbine.
The national standardization organization in Denmark ‘Danish Standards’ will assist the working groups in order to ensure that the new standards will have the right quality and help secure the embednent of the new standards.
The three working groups all have separate start dates, and are expected to operate for a period of a year and a half. During this period each working group will meet approximately ten times.    

Did you know?

The Danish Industry Foundation has granted the project DKK 5.4 m over 3 years with start up in May 2015. 


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