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New Standards in the Wind Industry

A modern wind turbine has fifty times the operational hours as an average car, and is exposed to extreme climate conditions at sea, in arctic areas and in deserts. As one of the world’s biggest machines in mass production, the modern wind turbine has to operate in every environment. 

The wind industry is under a massive pressure to optimize technology and bring down LCOE. Progress is being made and standardization is one of the keys to further drive down costs and to cement wind energy as a world-leading and cost-effective energy technology. 
About the project
The project “New Standards in the Wind Industry” is a shared innovation platform, where the Danish wind industry teams up with researchers to create common standards in product design and quality control in the production process. Together industry and research must accelerate the evolution in areas of strategic importance to the Danish wind industry, in order to ensure competitiveness and reduce costs.
The purpose of the project is to redefine points of collaboration between layers in the value chain and to develop: 
The project focuses on standardizing areas where the participating organizations are not directly competing. This creates the opportunity to turn individual knowledge into common knowledge. 

Participation in “New Standards in the Wind Industry”
Participants in “New Standards in the Wind Industry” can take part in one of two subprojects, depending on company focus and area of competence. Both projects aim to create an innovation platform for participating companies and to boost industry  quality and  competitiveness in general. 
The subproject is developing common terms and standards for three components in the wind turbine. The first working group will commence their work with support structures (towers and foundations) in autumn 2015.
The subproject is developing a wind industry version of the quality standard APQP, a recognized tool to systematically reduce production related errors in the end-product. 

The Danish Industry Foundation has granted the project DKK 5.4 m over 3 years with start up in May 2015.

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