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The Danish Wind Industry Association’s APQP-network is a newly established network dedicated to quality assurance and production processes. The network consists of wind turbine manufacturers and their closest suppliers. Once the APQP manual is completed, the goal is to expand the network and offer APQP training to the entire industry.

On the official website companies will have access to:

  • A preview of the official APQP4Wind manual, which will be continuously updated (user payment)
  • A preview of the official APQP4Wind workbook for Product Part Approval Process (PPAP), which can be used in the standardization process (user payment)
  • A common platform for manufacturers, suppliers and end customers
  • FAQs on the APQP4Wind project, manual and training concept 
  • Latest news on the APQP4Wind project

Practical information
Participation in the network costs 5000 DKK annually and each member company can register two participants (when registering two participants, the second participant will get a 50% discount). It is a requirement to be a member of DWIA but it is possible to participate for free once. As the network is open to all members of DWIA, meetings with competing companies, participating at equal terms, can and will occur.

Inspiration from the automotive industry

The costs in the automotive industry has declined over the years. One reason for this is the increased focus on quality standards across the supply chain. The wind industry has a strong focus on reducing 'levelized cost of energy' (LCoE), and therefore it is natural to seek inspiration in an industry that succeeded in bringing down costs.

APQP4WIND is inspired by the American quality management tool "Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)”, which was originally developed for the US automotive industry. APQP is a recognized standardization tool focusing on production processes and quality assurance
. It can be used to systematically reduce production-related defects in the final product (the wind turbine), before components, subsystems and the finished product leave the factory.

If you or your company have an interest in more information about the network, or how to participate, feel free to contact Kim Nedergaard Jacobsen.

Read more about the network in Danish here

Participating members include

Vestas Wind Systems

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

KK Wind Solutions

LM Wind Power

DONG Energy


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