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In the spring of 2008 the European heads of states enacted an environment and energy package, which entails that 20 percent of the European energy consumption by 2020, must come from renewable energy.

This binding objective for renewable energy will have a large impact on Europe’s future energy supply and at the same time offer peace of mind to investors in renewable energy. 

At the same time it is a signal that European leadership is committed to ensure that the positive development in the wind industry continues.

The inner market for electricity
If renewable energy really is to gain foothold in the electricity market, it ought to be possible to trade environmentally friendly electricity across borders within the EU.

At the same time we must make sure that renewable energy gets a sufficient market advantage compared to conventional energy forms. If not the necessary market investments in renewable energy might fail to happen on a big enough scale to push aside the conventional forms of energy.

Work is today being done to create an inner market for electricity in the European Union. To this date it is still possible for the individual member states to create and maintain specific packages that promote renewable energy. This contributes positively to the advent of renewable energy on the national markets, but in the long run harmonised and common rules are needed within the union.

The European Wind Energy Association, EWEA
DWIA collaborates with a number of sister organisations, among these EWEA. DWIA and our largest members hold seats on EWEA’s board of directors, and hence we have an impact on the industry’s work in relation to the Parliament and Commission.

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