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DWIA represents companies with commercial interests and engagement in wind related activities in Denmark. DWIA is a rapidly growing industrial organisation, and in time of writing the association has more than 250 members.

The strong network makes DWIA the centre for all professional and political events in the Danish industry. Teamwork becomes increasingly important in the industry, both with regard to the commercial and technological development.


Hence, the companies within the industry association have a common interest. The challenge is to develop the industry from wind turbine to power station level, and work together in building better wind power stations on land and offshore.


Therefore, development, test and demonstration are central themes for DWIA´s focus and interests. DWIA is the centre of the industry and hosts network meetings, conferences, annual meetings and export promotion etc.


Furthermore DWIA is the initiator of a range of activities aiming at developing the industry and its products. Also, DWIA collaborates with education and research institutions, power and grid companies and the Danish energy Authority.


This is the network that you and your company will gain access to with a membership of the Danish Wind Industry Association.


Danish Wind Industry Association

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