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The Danish Wind Industry Association is WindMade certified, CO2 neutral and is only using electricity from Danish wind turbines.

WindMade is the first consumer label to identify products and companies using of wind energy.

100% of the Danish Wind Industry Association's electricity consumption is covered by wind energy and in 2013 DWIA received a WindMade certification. Becoming WindMade has made DWIA one of the first organizations to use electricity exclusively from wind turbines.

The purpose of the certification is to create a platform for companies and organizations to communicate their engagement in the environment to customers and other stakeholders. There are two kinds of WindMade labels: One for organizations and companies and one for products. The WindMade Product Label was launched in the spring of 2013 and enables the customers to make more sustainable product and service choices.

In addition to being WindMade DWIA also buys CO2 quotas to cover for DWIA's additional CO2 emissions.

Since 2010 DWIA has been CO2 neutral as DWIA annually buys and destroys 85 tons of CO2.  In 2010 DWIA emitted approximately 42.5 tons of CO2

The calculation of DWIA's CO2 emissions is based on the following CO2 emitting activities: Travelling (plane, train, car, taxi, etc.), electricity and heat consumption as well as conferences (hosted by the secretariat).

Powered by wind

To become WindMade certified it is required that at least 20 pct. of a company's total energy consumption is made up by electricity. At least 25 pct. of this electricity needs to be covered by wind energy.

The power is bought through “Vindenergi Danmark” (Wind Energy Denmark) and the certification is controlled by a third party.

Learn more about WindMade and see the certificate (pdf).

See Vindenergi Danmark's wind power certificate here (pdf - In Danish) and a more detalied certificate here.

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