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OEMs reveal hot list for standardization on components and systems

Three of the world’s largest turbine manufacturers, Siemens Gamesa, Vestas and MHI Vestas, have co-developed a hot list with immediate standardization potential on components and systems, encouraging suppliers to help develop innovations to optimize both design, installation and O&M phases.

The hot list has been developed by the three OEMs in unison within the framework of Megavind, as part of the Annual Research & Innovation Agenda which lays forth the innovation platform’s recommendations for future research and innovation foci in the wind industry. The hot list will be launched at this year’s WIND ENERGY DENMARK, where the Danish and international industry will gather to discuss innovation, technology development and strengthened collaboration between the industry and research world.

Reducing cost through standardization
The industry needs to find common ground on where the next cost reductions are found and how to get there. This calls for communication, coordination and collaboration between all stakeholders in the industry - utilities, OEMs, suppliers and research institutions.

Vestas, Siemens Gamesa and MHI Vestas have taken up the challenge to list areas with potential for further cost reduction as well as defining the areas which are “core” and “non-core” within technologies and sourcing.

The hotlist will be presented by Torben Hvid Larsen, CTO of MHI Vestas, at the session Is the major breakthrough for standardization imminent? on the first day of WIND ENERGY DENMARK.

“These years, there is a strong focus on closer collaboration between manufacturers and suppliers. In launching this standardization hot list, we at Wind Energy Denmark seek to do exactly that - inviting the industry to take part in prioritizing collaboration across the value chain to take the next steps in realizing cost reduction potential. I expect that in the coming 2-3 years we will see concrete innovation projects that are prompted by this hot list,” says Torben Hvid Larsen.

Common strategy for research and innovation
For cost reduction potentials to be fully utilized, the industry and research world must follow a common research and innovation strategy that ensures a joint focus on the specific areas of greatest potential – the “easy pickings” in terms of LCoE reductions.

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Megavind’s Annual Research & Innovation Agenda, which will also be launched at WIND ENERGY DENMARK on 30-31 October, is an annual update of the research and innovation landscape for the Danish wind energy sector. It communicates emerging trends in wind energy RD&D and policies and gives strategic recommendations that are essential to Danish and European public and private stakeholders. One of the identified areas with great potential for the industry to strengthen the competitiveness of wind energy, is through continued standardization, which will be discussed in great extent at the event.

Wind Energy Denmark

Wind Energy Denmark is the annual conference and exhibition that gathers Danish and international wind industry and research world for discussions on innovation, technology development and closer cooperation between academia and industry.



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